Contribute to the Leisure Education Trust in these ways

get involved

There are a number of ways in which interested people can become involved and contribute to the Trust. These range from making an annual donation to the general fund of the Trust only to making a financial donation to provide support for a particular child over several years. Involvement can include meeting with particular children and taking them out on social/educational visits as well as becoming a member of our mentorship programme where the socio-cultural aspects are attended to. There are also occasions when additional help in terms of doing workshops around educational matters is most welcome.

A suggested pathway:

  • firstly decide whether you would like to be involved in making a donation in terms of finance or by assisting in some way, or both
  • read the information about the trust as set out in the website
  • make a telephone call to the Managing Trustee or write an e-mail expressing your interest and find out more about the trust and ask any questions you may have and explain how you would like to be involved
  • be explicit about the extent of the commitment you can make in terms of finance and/or time and for how long you intend doing it
  • attend one of the quarterly workshops held with the children in order to introduce yourself to them
  • attend our annual social function to meet up with other like-minded people who are supporting the trust


make a donation

Financial donations can be made in several ways.

  • An EFT with a message to the Trust informing that the donation has been made.
    Request our banking details via email and we will gladly pass the information to you.
  • Sending a cheque is another option, but carries with it the bank charges.
  • We are also in the process of setting up a convenient online donation platform to ensure convenience to you our donors. The amount less their handling fee is paid directly into the Trust account.

adopt a student

Many of the children in the trust come from such poor and desperate backgrounds that they do require regular additional support in gaining access and exposure to the wider socio-cultural contexts in areas beyond the confines of the environment where they find themselves. By adopting a student one can provide for both the financial support of their educational needs as well as the mentoring and thereby providing opportunities of exposure to a range of events.

The way to do this is:

  • Discuss the type of support you would like to provide with the Managing Trustee giving reasons why you want to join the adopt a student programme and declaring your commitment
  • The Managing Trustee will then provide a short list with details about each child too enable a final selection
  • You will need to read the literature about the role and responsibilities of being a mentor and attend a discussion workshop
  • The selected child will be introduced in a group context with other children in the trust
  • The first meeting is done under the supervision of the Managing Trustee
  • Office to be notified of all meetings between mentor and student and Managing Trustee to be kept informed
  • There is a constant communication and report back by the student and the mentor to the Managing Trustee.


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