Matric Leaners

Nicolene Abrahams

An A grade candidate. Has an interest in writing, especially poetry. Plans to study in the area of Forensic Science post matric.

Ayshia Abrahams

Academic merit in Afrikaans. Involved in First Aid to support sports teams. Plans to study Architecture post matric.

Wesley Adriaanse

Involved in athletics and squash. Academic merit in English, Mathematics and Life Sciences. Plans to study Molecular Biology and Biotechnology post matric.

Zikana Baba

Involved in WESSA. Plays hockey. Achieved an A in Drama and Afrikaans. Involved in Interact. Would like to study Chartered Accountancy post matric.

Ryan Barnard

Certificates in several subjects. A grade candidate. Enjoys watching sport and wants to study Accountancy post matric.

Shahir Chagan

Assists different charities in raising funds. Involved in hockey. Would like to study toward a career as a genetic engineer post matric.

Astrid Cloete

Academic certificate in Economics. Enjoys fashion and plans to study in the areas of Macro-Economics and English literature post matric.

Kurt Fredericks

Conscientious and concerned about doing well at school. Hopes to be able to study medicine post matric and to become a surgeon.

Raelene Jackson

Plays hockey and sings. Enjoys Accountancy. Wants to study in the area of Forensic Accounting post matric.

Melissa Jacobs

Involved in a wide range of extra-mural school activities. Academic merit in Afrikaans. Plays tennis and would like to study accountancy post matric.

Lauren Jacobs

Plays tennis and is involved in dancing. Academic merit in Afrikaans. Would like to pursue physiotherapy/biokinetics post matric.

Zaida Jassiem

Awarded Academic Certificates in Business Studies and Diligence. Awarded Academic Colours. Wants to complete a Bachelors' of Commerce post matric.

Mogamat Tarriq Johnson

Does community work on a regular basis. Works diligently at his studies and plans to a general degree post matric.

Nadeem Johnson

Does regular support work at the schools iin his community. Wants to study Computer Technology post matric and become a game designer.

Alisa Mbagani

Involved in dancing. Plays sport. Plans to do a general degree post matric and work in the area where she can help other people.

Ziphozihile Mntini

Involved in supporting people less fortunate than herself. Plans to study Law post matric.

Deputy head girl

Tarryn Paulse

Distinctions in Accounting and in Computer Technology. Works regularly with helping the aged. Plans to study in the area of the Hospitality Industry post matric.

Azraa Sellar

Very involved in nature and a junior member of SanParks. Academic achievements in Afrikaans and Computer Application Technology. Plant to study IT post matric.

Head girl

Grade 11 Leaners

Zahra Abrahams

Involved in the charities which assist young children. Academivc merit in Accounting and the Sciences. Plans to study in the areas of Paediatrician or Accountancy.

Tasneem Alexander

Academic merit in Accountancy and Mathematics. Assists in different children's charities. Wants to study in the area of accoiuntancy.

Tatum Austin

Involved in athletics and netball. Committed to improving the standard of her academic results and plans to study in the area of Psychology.

Yumna Barendse

Distinctions in Mathematics, Accounting and Business Studies. Volunteers in community projects and plans to do tertiary study in the areas of Accountancy and Business.

Shakeelah Botha

Involved in social tennis and enjoys music. Good results in Geography. Intends to do further studies in the field of engineering.

Antonio Cloete

Enjoys being involved in drama. Enjoys all types of music. Plans to do tertiary study in the areas of Languages, fashion and Journalism.

Keegan de Wet

Has an interest in dart play. Is very concerned about the planet and global warming. Plans to study Computer Programming post matric.

Tracy-Lee Euley

Involved in school extra-curricular activities in helping other people. Academic merit in the Sciences and in Afrikaans. Wants to study medicine and hopes to become a paediatrician.

Lisa Jacobs

Diligent and hardworking. Enjoys social sport. Plans to study in the areas of photography and art and become an events photographer.

Charne Johnson

Second in her grade. Certificate of merit in Life Orientation. Enjoys drawing and plans to study in the area of psychology.

Austin Kriel

Is concerned about the planet and global warning. enjoys playing sport. Post matric wants to study to become a graphic designer.

Ryan Macqueena

Consistently in the top 10 of the grade. Distinction in Mechanical Technology. Wants to pursue Mechanical Engineering post matric.

Nazley Miranda

Enjoys running and drawing. Diligent in her art work she plans to do post matric studies in the area of fine arts and become an art teacher.

Whitney Muller

Certificates of merit in Mathematics and English. Consistently in the top 3 in her grade. would like to study business and get into the corporate world.

Andrea Nyman

Diligent and conscientious in her studies. Enjoys helping others less fortunate. would like to further her studies in the world of accountancy.

Lauren Paulse

Represented her province in synrconised swimming. Diligent in her school studies. wants to pursue a degree in accounting post matric.

Keagan Philander

Certificate of merit in Afrikaans. Concerned about nature. Intends to pursue his tertiary studies in accountancy and become a chartered accountant.

Keenu Smith

Enjoys drawing, swims and plays soccer. Diligent in his school studies. Plans to study electrical engineering and would like to become a pilot.

Robyn Snyman

Plays tennis and cricket and writes poetry. Distinctions inn Mathematics and Life Orientation. Plans to study Chemical engineering after matric.

Zahraah Sydow

Has an interest in music. Diligent and conscientious I n her school work. is looking at studying to become a vet or an accountant.

Alicia van der Schyf

Plays hockey and enjoys all manner of other sports. wants to become a professional hockey player but will complete a degree in Sports Administration first.

Micaela Verhoog

Diligent and hardworking. Plays social sport. Enjoys helping other people and would like to study law and become a lawyer.

Mervyn Wentzel

Diligent and hardworking and concerned about his school studies. Would like to study accountancy and become an auditor.

Mitha Williams

Enjoys social sport. enjoys assisting in helping children less fortunate. wants to study accountancy and become a chartered accountant

Grade 10 Leaners

Tasneem Adams

Involved in karate and gymnastics. Enjoys long distance running. Wants to study in the area of Astronomy post matric.

Lennie Banda

Involved in swimming and hockey. Focused in her approach to school work and plans to do tertiary study in the fields of intertior design and event planning.

Margo-Tamzin Bowers

Plays soccer. Committed to being successful in her studies. Plans to specialize in psychology in her tertiary studies.

Donna-Lee Europa

Plays soccer. Enjoys listening to music. Conscientious and diligent in her studies. Plans to continue her studies in the fields of forensics or accountancy.

Cody Neutt

Plays cricket. Enjoys drumming and playing in a band. Diligent in his school work and plans to study Chemical engineering post matric.

Grade 9 Leaners

Saarah Slamang

Diligent and conscientious in her school work. would like to study either law or medicine after matric.

Zama Sosibo

Plays netball and soccer. Enjoys dancing and singing. Solid results in Life Orientation. Wants to do tertiary studies in the fields of Science or Business.

Michaela Hammond

Plays netball. Is involved in drama and acting. Hardworking she plans to study theatre and performance and become an actress.

Grade 8 Leaners

Anisah Antullay

Distinctions in Mathematics and Science. Diligent in her other subjects. Plans to do Chartered Accountancy post matric.

Shakeelah Daniels

Enjoys dancing and listening to music. Working hard at improving her academic results. Hopes to study to be a chartered accountant post matric.

Lutho Nelani

Plays social netball. Enjoys music and dancing. Conscientious. Hopes to be able to study medicine post matric.

Yusuf Rahbeeni

Distinctions in Mathematics and Science. Determined to do well and be successful. wants to study oncology, surgery or nanotechnology post matric.

Venique Rass

Plays hockey. enjoys reading and playing soccer. Working hard at improving her studies. Hopes to be able to study medicine post matric.

Leticia Roelf

Plays netball and tennis. hard working and conscientious in her studies. She plans to study law and become a lawyer.

Dylan Smith

Conscientious and hard working and applies himself to his studies. enjoys social sport. Intends to study Astronomy on the completion of his schooling.

Nathaniel Williams

Plays soccer and baseball. Solid academic results. plans to further his stuies in the areas of engineering and design.

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